has been developed with the core objective of serving all the communities of Kerala - in Kerala and outside Kerala. In order to connect them all with their mother land and this state. is a unique concept to bring this state online and to present her potential and wealth to the Global Village. The following are the tariff rates for advertising in website. We offer free basic listing in the selected category.

We offer a number of advertising packages designed to help you reach around the globe and we are reducing your search engine optimization efforts too.

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Banner Advertisement
Home Page - Rs. 1,500/- (3 months) or Rs. 3,000/- (1 Year) (Top Banner - 300x100)
Sub Page - Rs. 750/- (3 months) or Rs. 1,500/- (1 Year) (Top Banner - 300x100)

Premium Sponsor - Rs. 500/- (3 months)
25 character title & 220 character description. Direct link to your website. Option to place Phone No., Email, etc. And appear on top of related category page in corresponding district. (Should be highlighted.)
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Sponsor (Free !!)
25 character title with address and telephone no. No direct link to your website. Appear on related category page in corresponding district.
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Simple banners and panels will be designed by us free of cost.
More complicated displays will either have to be sent to us electronically or paid for separately.

All banners or panels will be linked to the client's website or home page if so desired by the client. It doesn't matter to us which web hosting service you are using.

If the client does not have a home page, or website, we can make and host ONE page FREE OF COST. In such cases, the client's home page's URL will be where X=client's name. This page will be hosted on our server as long as the advertisement is displayed.

If MORE THAN ONE PAGE is required by the advertiser, a charge of Rs. 1,000 per additional page PER ANNUM will be applicable. No discounts are applicable for this service.

If a client wants to retain his or her web page/s on even after his advertisement contract with us has expired, then our normal web hosting charges will be applicable.

How to advertise in this site
These are the various advertising possibilities in this site.

  • Banner Ads in home page
  • Button Ads in home page
  • Banner Ads in inner pages
  • Icon Ads in the top of the different pages
  • Button Ads in different pages


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