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Kerala Climate / Weather

Kerala enjoys Balmy Weather almost all through the year, it is neither too cold in the winter months nor too hot in summer. The best time to visit November - February, when the air is bracing, and on some mornings there is a light mist. Light woolens may be required in the hills in the evenings and early mornings.

The warmer months are March-May and September-October, when the flowers are out and nature is at her best. Mid-May to August is the monsoon period, and one can except a wet time. In addition, June is also a windy month. Kerala's climate can be classified roughly into three main categories.

From February to May, it is summertime and the climate is generally hot and humid. The southwest monsoons begin in June and continue till the middle of October or the beginning of November. In this season, there is fairly good rainfall without intermission. It is followed by fair weather during December and January. Though, northeast monsoons do being some thunderstorms with rains and linger on till the month of February. However, these spells of rain do not last long but the weather becomes very sultry. In the mountain ranges, there is heavy fog from April.

Kerala has a moderate and balanced climate throughout the year. Even at the height of the monsoons, the temperature rarely dips below a pleasant 18 oC. It has a warm and pleasant tropical monsoon climate with seasonally excessive rainfall. The peak tourist season or the best time to visit the area is from September to February. The summer months are warm and humid with a mean max temperature of about 33 oC.

Blessed with plentiful rain, the southwest monsoon or the Edavappathi bring rains during June-September and the northeast monsoon or the Thulavarsham during October to December. The total annual rainfall in the state varies from 380 cm over the extreme northern parts to about 180 cm to the south.

The amount of rainfall decreases towards the south almost in proportion with the decrease in altitude of the Western Ghats. July receives the maximum rainfall that count up to about 25 rainy days as calculated by all meteorological centres of the region.

SummerFeb - May (24o - 33o C)  
MonsoonJan - Sep (22o - 28o C)  
WinterOct - Jan (22 - 32o C)  


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